Plagiarism is a very serious academic violation. Plagiarism can be easily defined as attempting to pass someone else's words or ideas as your own. This includes copying a classmate's homework and cutting and pasting from the Internet. Plagiarism can have very serious consequences. At Glenelg High School, there is an honor code that all students sign; it states that students will not lie, cheat or steal. Plagiarism violates all three. Additionally, the honor code states that students will accept the consequences of their actions. Any case of plagiarism will result in all students involved earning a zero on the assignment with no possibility to make up the assignment. There can be additional administrative actions, especially for repeat offenders.
Plagiarism can have even more serious consequences after graduation from high school. Many colleges and universities impose stiff penalties such as failing the course, or even expulsion. College graduation does not absolve people from concerns about plagiarism. Every year, there are stories in the press about a writer or a speaker who tried to use someone else's work as their own. In many cases careers were affected, and civil suits were filed. In all cases, these individuals were embarrased and recieved the scorn of their colleagues.
Having said all this, it is time to work on those skills necessary to avoid charges of plagiarism

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